Chandler and Joey's, Joey is eating breakfast as Chandler comes out of his bedroom, ripping his coat in the process. ChandlerWow! That ripped! That ripped real nice!
JoeyHow many times I have to tell you! You, turn and sliiiide! You know, turn and slide.
ChandlerOh you don't turn and slide, you throw it out! I'm tired of having to get a tetanus shot every time I get dressed!
JoeyWell, we're not throwing it out! I built this thing with my own hands!
ChandlerAhh. All right, how about we, how about we sell it.
JoeyAll right. But, you're gonna have to tell them. (He opens the cabinet to reveal the chick and the duck living inside with Christmas lights and a disco ball as decorations.)
Chandler(Nods his head) You mind if we stick you in a different cabinet? (to Joey) They seem all right with it! Monica and Rachel's, Monica and Ross are entering. RossHey, why did the chicken fall out of the tree?
RossBecause you have doody on your head. (Laughs by himself) Yeah, it was funnier when Ben told it.
(Monica goes to check her messages.)
Chip(on machine) Hey Monica, it's Chip.
RossWho's Chip?
Chip(on machine) It's good running into you at the bank today, so ah, here's my number, 555-9323. Give me a call. Later.
MonicaChip, is Chip Matthews.
RossThe guy who took Rachel to the prom? Why is he calling you?
MonicaBecause I ran into him at the bank, he is still soo cute.
RossMonica, you're so lucky! He's like the most popular guy in school!!
MonicaI know!! (Calls him) (on phone) Chip? Hi! It's Monica. (Listens) Ok. (Listens) Ok. (Listens) Ok. (Listens) Ok, goodbye. (Hangs up) Oh my God, we just had the best conversation!! (Goes into her room as Rachel enters)
Ross(to Rachel) I was just leaving.
RachelGood! 'Cause I've got a product report to read, it's like eight pages, I hope I don't fall asleep.
RossWhy? Did you write it?
Rachel(Sees Chip's phone number) Wow! Look at that, Chip Matthews called. I wonder what he wants?
RossWell ah, actually...
Rachel(Interrupting) I bet he sensed that I was ready to have sex with another guy.
RossWell, umm, why don't you give him a call?
RachelOk. (Picks up phone) Are you sure you wanna hear this?
RossOh, I'm sure.
Rachel(on phone) Chip! Hi, it's Rachel. (Listens) Rachel Green. Yeah, umm, you left me a message. (Listens) Yes you did, my roommate wrote it down. (Listens) Monica Geller. (Listens) Ohh.
Ross(Whispering in her ear) Oh, that's right! He called to ask out Monica! That-that's gotta be embarrassing! Central Perk, Phoebe is finishing up a song. Phoebe(Screaming, angrily) ...DUMB, DRUNKEN, BITCH!!! (applause) (Happily) Thank you, thanks.
Ross(Reading the newspaper) Hey, here's a question; where did you guys get the finest oak east of the Mississippi?
ChandlerUh-huh, first you tell us where you got the prettiest lace in all the land.
RossI'm reading your ad.
JoeyLooks good, uh?
Chandler(Reading the ad) Stunning entertainment center. Fine, (Pause) fine Italian craftsmanship. (Joey is very proud of himself)
PhoebeOh my God, you guys are selling the entertainment center?
RachelWhy? I love that thing.
ChandlerYou want it?
Phoebe and RachelOh no.
ChandlerAhh, Geppetto, 5,000 dollars? Are you insane?
JoeyHey, the ad alone cost 300 bucks!
ChandlerAll right look, I'm changing it to 50 dollars, or your best offer.
JoeyWhat kind of profit is that?! And you call yourself an accountant?
Chandler(Looks at him) Nooo.
JoeyOh. What do you do?
ChandlerI can't believe you don't know what I do for a living!
PhoebeYeah, I actually don't know...
RossStill, to go or anything-
RachelYeah, something to do with numbers?
[Cut to someone entering Central Perk which lets a cat in. The cat then runs over to Phoebe's guitar case and starts sniffing around.]
PhoebeOh my God! No! Shoo! Kitty! No! No! Gunther, Gunther, there's a kitty in my guitar case.
GuntherShh! Everyone's gonna want one. (Walks off laughing)
PhoebeCome on, you! (Goes over and picks up the cat) Come on. Crazy. (Looks into the cat's eyes) Oh my God.
PhoebeNothing. Nothing.
JoeyWhat? What's wrong?
PhoebeI just, I just have this really strong feeling that this cat is my mother.
RachelYou mean the mom you met in Montauk. She was a cat?!
ChandlerWell, that makes the fact that she owns beach-front property all the more impressive.
PhoebeNo, no-no, she was a human lady. This is the spirit of my mom Lily, the one that killed herself.
RossAre you sure she's in the cat, or have you been taking your grandma's glaucoma medicine again?
PhoebeNo Dr. Skeptismo! I'm sure. First of all, ok, there's the feeling. (Chandler shrugs) Ok, and for another, how about the fact that she went into my guitar case which is lined with orange felt. (Rachel nods her head in unsure agreement) My mother's favorite fish is Orange Roughy... (Joey thinks he understands, but then nods that he has no clue.)! (Ross and Rachel are totally lost)
RossYou had me with orange felt.
Phoebe(to the cat) Hi, Mommy. (Rachel covers her mouth, in an 'Oh my God.' gesture) Oh, I haven't seen this smile in 17 years!
Joey(to Chandler) Dude, Phoebe's mom 's got a huge peni...
Chandler(Interrupting) Let it go! Monica and Rachel's, Rachel is working as Monica enters. MonicaHey!
RachelUmm, when were you gonna tell me that you're going out with Chip Matthews?
MonicaNow? Is it ok if I go out with Chip Matthews?
RachelNooo! It's not ok! I can't believe you would want to after what he did to me!
MonicaWhat, that little thing at the prom?
RachelMonica! I couldn't find him for two hours! He was having sex with Amy Welch!
MonicaCome on, that was back in high school! How could that still bother you?
RachelOh, yeah, you're right, Moni-cow.
(A brief silence.)
MonicaOk, I hear you.
RachelI mean why, of all people do you have to go out with Chip?!
MonicaLook, you and I went to different high schools...
RachelOk, that doesn't help me, because we went to the same high school.
MonicaYou went to one where you were popular, and you got to ride off Chip's motorcycle, and wear his letterman jacket. I went to one where I wore a band uniform they had to have specially made.
Rachel(Shocked) They had to have that specially made?!
MonicaIt was a project for one of the Home Ec classes.
Rachel(stunned) Oh my God, they told us that was for the mascot!
MonicaBack then, I thought that I would never, ever get the chance to go out with a Chip Matthews, and now he's-he's called me up and asked me out. And the fat girl inside of me really wants to go. I-I owe her this. I never let her eat.
RachelOh, you go out with him. (Goes over and hugs her)
MonicaOh, really?!
RachelYeah. Just, if it's possible, could you leave him somewhere and go have sex with another guy?
MonicaI'll try. Monica and Rachel's, the next morning, they are all there eating breakfast. RossSo you guys having any luck getting rid of the entertainment center?
JoeyWell, there were a couple of calls last night, but ah, I don't think any of 'em are gonna work out.
ChandlerYes, Joey has a very careful screening process. Apparently, not everyone is qualified to own wood and nails.
Phoebe(Struggling with the cat) Stop it! Stop it! She keeps squirming, trying to get away! Just like when she was alive.
RossSo Pheebs, how long is your mom gonna be with us?
PhoebeWell, I'm not sure. I mean, I guess until she, you know, gets used to the fact that there's, you know, a new mom. I think she's worried that, she's gonna, she's gonna be replaced. (to the cat, in a funny voice) Well, that's not gonna happen is it? Noo. (Gets up) Ok, I have to return a call in the other room.
MonicaWhy can't you use the phone in here?
PhoebeWell, I'm returning a call from a certain mom at the B-E-A-C-H. I just spelled the wrong word. Anyway, I don't wanna do it in front of someone with a tail.
ChandlerHey, you swore you would never tell. (Mocks that he has a tail)
(Phoebe goes into Monica's room)
RossSo, guys, am I crazy, or does Phoebe's mom remind anyone else of a cat?
MonicaRoss, don't start.
RossCome on, you-you can't tell me you actually believe that-that there's a woman inside that cat!
RachelI believe it.
RossNo you don't.
RachelYes, I do.
RossNo you do- you know what, you're not gonna suck me into this.
RachelOh sure I am, because you always have to be right.
RossI do not always have- ok, ok. (Starts to leave)
RachelJurassic Park could happen.
(Ross wants to say something.)
RachelAnd you know what? Actually, I do think Kirk was smarter than Spock. (Ross wants to say something again, but just slowly leaves.)
(Rachel and Chandler giggle.)
ChandlerYou were kidding about the Kirk-Spock-thing, all right? Chandler and Joey's, Joey and Chandler are showing a couple of guys (Tony and Peter) the entertainment center. TonyWow! That's ah, that's pretty nice!
JoeyPretty, nice?
ChandlerYou'll have to pardon my roommate, he wanted to marry this.
TonyWe don't have 50 bucks, but would you be willing to trade for it? We've got a canoe.
(Joey jumps up in excitement and without turning around Chandler holds out his hand stopping him, and ushering him back into his seat. Joey sits down, dejected.)
ChandlerYou know, I, I really don't think we need a canoe.
TonyYou gotta take the canoe!
ChandlerAll right, just, just take the entertainment center, and then when you get home, throw the canoe away!
PeterWe're not throwing it away! I built that canoe! (Starts to leave as Tony chases after him)
Joey(to Peter) Good for you!!
Central Perk, Chandler, Joey, Monica, and Ross are there. Rachel(Entering) You guys, you're never gonna believe what I just found tacked up on a telephone pole! (She's holding a flyer.) Looks kinda familiar?
Ross(Taking the flyer) Apparently Phoebe's mother also goes by the name Julio.
Chandler(Takes the flyer) Wait a minute. This is not the same cat. This cat's only this big. (Shows a small space with his fingers)
RachelSo, you guys, there's a little girl in SoHo looking for this cat. I mean, you know what that means?!
Joey(Looking at the flyer) Yeah-eah! 200 dollar reward, split five ways!!
RachelDo we have to tell her?
RossYes, we have to tell her!
MonicaOh, but it's made her so happy.
Ross(Holds up a hand) Little girl misses her cat. (Hold up the other hand) Crazy lady thinks her mother is in a cat. (Gets up) Ok, you know what, I have to go have dinner with my son, can I trust that when you see Phoebe, you will tell her?
All(Disappointed) Yeah. Yes.
RossThank you.
RachelI hate when Rosss right!
MonicaHe is right, isn't he?
ChandlerYou know what, I mean this might be one of the times when he's wrong.
AllYou think?
ChandlerOh-no, he's right. Central Perk, later that same day. With Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Chandler sitting on the couch. Phoebe(Entering, with Julio) Hi. (Sits down in the chair)
AllHi! Hey!
JoeyUh, Pheebs, about your mom...
Joey(Pause) How's that going?
PhoebeSo great. Oh, we took a nap today, my mom fell asleep on my tummy and purred.
JoeyThat's so sweet. (Pause) I'm gonna get some coffee. (Gets up and leaves)
Monica(Sliding into Joey's place on the couch to try and talk to Phoebe) Huh? What'd you say Joe? I'll be right there. (Gets up and joins Joey)
(Rachel and Chandler slide into position.)
PhoebeI just feel so, uhh....
RachelAll right!!
ChandlerI'm coming already!
(They both get up and leave Phoebe alone.) Monica and Rachel's, Rachel is reading at the kitchen table as there is a knock on the door. Monica(Running from the bathroom to her room, wearing only a towel) Not yet! Not yet! Not yet! Not yet! Not yet! Not yet! Not yet! Not yet! (Gets to her room and closes the door, as Rachel gets up to answer the door.)
RachelHello, Chip.
ChipHey, Rach! How ya doing?
RachelI'm great! I'm great. I got a great job at Bloomingdale's, have wonderful friends, and even though I'm not seeing anyone right now, I've never felt better about myself.
ChipSo ah, Monica ready yet?
RachelShe'll be out in a second. So, Chip, how's umm, Amy Welch?
ChipAmy Welch? Wow! I haven't seen her since... So, Monica about ready?
Monica(Comes out of her room) Hi.
ChipHey. (Shows two thumbs up). Wow, you look great.
RachelAww. Well, you guys have fun.
ChipCatch you later.
RachelGoodbye, Chip.
Monica(Turns to Rachel before she leaves) Are you sure you're ok about this?
Monica (Interrupts her and hugs her) Ok, great. (Leaves)
Chandler and Joey's, Joey is showing off the entertainment center. JoeyThis is the unit for you my friend. Sturdy construction, tons of storage compartments, some big enough to fit a grown man.
JoeyOh yeah! I got in there myself once. My roommate bet me five bucks that I couldn't, and then he stuck a board through the handles that locked me in. Yeah. It was funny till I started feeling like I was in a coffin.
GuyNah, you, you can't fit in that thing. That's not deep enough.
JoeyOh yeah? (Opens up the center and takes out the stereo) If I can't, I'll knock five bucks off the price of the unit.
GuyAll right, you have yourself a deal. (Shakes his hand)
JoeyOk. (He gets in the unit and closes the door) See?! I told ya!
(The guys takes a hockey stick and slips it through the handles then proceeds to take the stereo and Chandler's laptop and walk out.)
JoeySometimes I get in here just to get away from it! Hey, a nickel!! A street, Chip is walking Monica to his motorcycle. ChipWe are.
MonicaOh my God! You still have the Chipper!
ChipThe what?
MonicaThat's what we used to call your ah, your motorcycle in high school. You know a motorcycle is a chopper, and you're Chip. Never mind.
ChipNo, I think it's cute. (Kisses her)
MonicaWow! A lipper from Chipper.
ChipSo you still in touch with anyone from high school?
MonicaUmm. Well, there's Rachel, and umm, that's it. How about you?
ChipOh yeah, I still hang with Simmons and Zana, Al, I see Spindler a lot. Devane, Kelly, and I run into Goldie from time to time. Steve Brown, Zuchoff, McGwire, J.T., Breadsly.
MonicaIs that all?
ChipEhh, you know after high school, you just kinda lose touch. Oh yeah! I ran into Richard Dorfman.
MonicaOhh, how is he?
ChipNot so good, me and Simmons gave him a wedgie.
MonicaIsn't he an architect now?
ChipYeah, they still wear underwear. Chandler and Joey's, Chandler is coming home. As he walks through the door, and without looking up, he goes to throw his keys on the foosball table, only, it's gone and the keys hit the floor. He then looks up at an empty apartment; everything is gone except for the entertainment center and that ceramic dog. Even the food in the fridge! ChandlerOH MY GOD!!!
Joey(Still trapped in the entertainment center) WHAT?!!
ChandlerAre you all right?!
Chandler(Llets him out) What happened?!!
Joey(Getting out) Awww, man! He promised he wouldn't take the chairs!!
ChandlerWhat the hell happened?!! How were you locked in?!! And where the hell is all of our stuff?!!
JoeyWell, this guy came by to look at the unit and-and he said he didn't think big enough to fit a grown man!
ChandlerSo- You got in voluntarily?!
JoeyI was trying to make a sale! Oh, man, if I ever run into that guy again, you know what I'm gonna do?
ChandlerBEND OVER?! Dot's Spot, Chip and Monica are on there date, eating dinner. Chip is telling a story. Chip...and then Zana, just let one rip! (Laughs hysterically)
MonicaLook, not that I don't enjoy talking about people who I went to high school with, 'cause I do, but umm, maybe we could talk about something else? Like you, I don't even know where you work?
ChipYou know where I work!
MonicaI do?
ChipThe movie theatre, you used to come in all the time.
MonicaYou still work at the multiplex?
ChipOh, like I'd give up that job! Free popcorn and candy, anytime I want. I can get you free posters for your room.
MonicaThanks, I'm set.
ChipOh, you know who came in the other night? Peters. Told me that he just went out with Leslie Maskin. Got to third base. (Lifts his arms in the air with excitement. Monica imitates him.)
MonicaDo you still live with your parents?
ChipOh yeah, but I can stay out as late as I want.
(Monica takes a big swig of her martini.) Chandler and Joey's, Rachel, Phoebe, and Julio are consoling Joey and Chandler. Joey(to Chandler) You know, with all our stuff gone, the unit doesn't seem that big.
ChandlerWhy couldn't he 've been a kidnapper.
RachelWow! They really got you guys. Your TV, the chairs.
PhoebeYeah, your microwave. The stereo.
Joey(Looking through a deck of cards) Aww, man, he took the five of spades!! Oh, no-no-no, here it is!
Monica(Entering) Oh my God! What happened?
ChandlerOh, umm, Joey was born, and then 28 years later, I was robbed!!
Rachel(to Monica) So how was your date?
MonicaWell, you know how I always wanted to go out with Chip Matthews in high school?
MonicaWell, tonight, I actually went out with Chip Matthews in high school.
RachelOh honey, I'm sorry.
MonicaNo, it's ok, not only did I get to go out with Chip Matthews, I got to dump Chip Matthews.
RachelOhh! That's so great!
MonicaI know!
Ross(Entering) Hey! So ah, what'd the insurance company say?
ChandlerOh, they said, 'You don't have insurance here, so stop calling us.'
Ross(Seeing Phoebe still with cat) You didn't tell her?! (They all kinda shy away.) Ok, fine! Pheebs?
PhoebeYeah? (Sees Ross) Hi!
RossHi! Listen, uhh, this cat belongs to a little girl. All right? There are flyers all over the place.
RachelI'm sorry, sweetie. (Shows her the flyer)
MonicaHey, we can take her back with you if you want.
PhoebeOhh. Um-hmm. But you know, she chose to find me. I mean, I have to respect her decision. Right?
Chandler, Monica, Joey, and RachelThat's a good call. Yeah good. That's right.
RossNo! No! Look- Hey, enough is enough! Look, I am sorry that you feel guilty or whatever about spending time with your new mom, but this is not your old mom. This is a cat! Ok, Julio the cat! Not mom! Cat!
Phoebe(She turns around and puts the cat on the entertainment center) Ross, how many parents have you lost?
PhoebeOk, then you don't know what it feels like when one of them comes back, do you? I believe this is my mother. Even if I'm wrong, who cares? Just be a friend. Ok? Be supportive.
RossI'm sorry.
RossI don't know what to say.
RachelYou could... say you're sorry to her mom.
PhoebeI think she would like that.
Ross(Goes over to Julio) Come here, here, come here, come here, (Pause) Mrs. Buffay. Sorry about what I said, umm, it was, it was insensitive of me to say that you were just a cat. When clearly you are also the reincarnated spirit, of my friend's mother.
PhoebeThank you. We both forgive you.
RachelSo honey, what're you gonna do about the little girl?
PhoebeYeah, ok, listen, umm, Mom, I hope you know you still mean a lot to me. And you're welcome to come back anytime.
ChandlerPheebs, if she could come back as a couch, we'd really appreciate it. (Joey nods in agreement)
PhoebeCome on, mom, I'm gonna take you home.
RachelI'll go with you.
MonicaMe too. (They all leave)
RossOh! You know, I've got an extra futon.
JoeyDude, you don't have to brag! We got nothing here!! Chandler and Joey's, Joey and Chandler have trading the entertainment center for the canoe. Joey is sitting in the bow, staring off into space as to envision his future full of possibilities. Chandler is sitting at the stern, staring into space and is looking at an uncertain future. ChandlerYou's peaceful out here.
(Joey mimics rowing the canoe.)

Written by Jill Condon & Any Toomin; Transcribed by Eric Aasen; Added footage text by Matthew G; Annotated by ncp