Monica's Restaurant Kitchen, she is frantically working and is handing two finished dishes to a waitress. MonicaOk, now this one is rare, this one is medium well! Now go-go-go! (Phoebe enters) Hey Phoebe!
MonicaHey how was dinner?!
PhoebeDinner was good! Just saying hi! Now I'm gonna go!
(Phoebe turns to leave but notices an attractive man.)
Phoebe(To him) Oh, well hello there.
Phoebe(To Monica) I didn't see this on the menu.
MonicaUh Tim? This is Phoebe. Phoebe this is Tim, my new sous-chef.
PhoebeOh, so you're Monica's boss?
TimAct-actually she's my boss. Sous is-is French for under.
PhoebeOh! I sous stand.
MonicaHey Tim? I need a calamari and a Caesar salad. And umm, could you get me the pesto?
PhoebeOh made pesto?
TimYes I did.
PhoebeWould you say your pesto is the best-o?
TimI...I-I don't know, but I-I would say it's pretty good-o. (Phoebe laughs too hard.)
(Monica goes over and grabs the pesto.)
MonicaAll right, I still need a calamari and a Caesar salad.
TimI like your necklace.
MonicaOh, coming right up Monica.
(as Tim) I have to do everything you say otherwise the system breaks down. I know that.
Then why are we having this conversation?
PhoebeOh, I made it myself.
TimYou are so talented.
PhoebeWell, it's no pesto.
MonicaAll right, all right! Let's just cut to the chase, ok? (To Phoebe) You're single. (To Tim) You're single. (To Phoebe) He gets off work at eleven. (To Tim) She'll be waiting for your call. (To Phoebe) I'll give him your number if I can just get one calamari and one Caesar salad! (Everyone in the kitchen stops.) I did not yell. I am not putting a dollar in the jar. Chandler's Office, he's working at his computer as his boss, Mr. Franklin, sticks his head in. Mr. FranklinWow Bing! Burning the midnight oil.
ChandlerYou know me sir. Oh, ah, I do have a question for you. Do you know how I get around the office computer network so I can access the really good Internet porn?
Mr. FranklinYou're a joker Bing. (Walks away.)
ChandlerWhat's funny about that?
Ross(running up) Hey! Sorry I kept you waiting so long.
ChandlerHey, that's ok. So, where'd you wanna go?
RossOh ah, I think you know where I wanna go.
ChandlerThe Hard Rock Café?
(They go out to the elevators.)
RossI'm telling you, I like the food!
ChandlerYou like the Purple Rain display! (A guy walks up.) Hey Bob.
BobHey Toby! Have a good night. (Walks by.)
RossDid that guy just call you Toby?
ChandlerYeah, he thinks that's my name.
RossWell, why don't you correct him?
ChandlerOh it's been going on way too long now. You know, I mean the first time he said it we were just passing each other in the hallway, so I didn't say anything. And then the next time he said, "Hey Toby, you wanna a donut?" I-I wanted the donut. And now it's five years later, the donut's gone and I'm still Toby.
RossFive years?! Chandler, you have to tell him!
ChandlerNo! That would be so awkward! Look, besides, we work in different departments. He's on the sixth floor you know? So he calls me Toby once in a while. What's the big deal? It could be worse, it's not like he's calling me Muriel. (Chandler suddenly freezes into place.)
Ross(laughs) Muriel. Why-why would he call you Muriel? (Ross realizes something.) Oh my God! Chandler M Bing? It's not just an M, your middle name is Muriel!
ChandlerShh! It is a family name!
RossChandler Muriel Bing. Boy, your parents never even gave you a chance, did they? Days Of Our Lives set, Joey is doing a scene with a co-star as Rachel watches on a monitor. Joey's Co-StarDrake, I've discovered the reason for your headaches and memory loss.
Dr. Drake RamorayWhat is it?
Joey's Co-StarApparently your brain transplant was not entirely successful. It seems your body is rejecting Jessica's brain.
Dr. Drake RamorayIs it serious?
Joey's Co-StarNot if we extract tissue from the original host body, synthesize antibodies, and introduce them into your system, which could stop it from rejecting the brain.
Dr. Drake RamorayWell that sounds simple enough, let's just do that.
Joey's Co-StarWe would, but when we we