Chandler and Monica's apartment. ChandlerHey!
MonicaGood morning, Tiger! I'm making you a nice big breakfast so you can keep up your strength for tonight. You're gonna get me good and pregnant.
ChandlerI've got nowhere to go this morning. I'm unemployed! I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life.
MonicaWell, I just lost my erection.
ChandlerNo, I mean, what am I supposed to do with myself?
MonicaYou're supposed to find your passion in life. You can be whatever you wanna be now. It's-it's exciting.
ChandlerBut it's all so overwhelming. I don't know where to start.
MonicaHey, wait a second. I can help you with this. You just need to be organized. Ok we can make a list of your qualifications, and categorize jobs by industry. There-there could be folders, and files!
ChandlerHey! This is where your hyper-organized-pain-in-the-ass stuff pays off!
MonicaI know! My erection is back! Central Perk. Joey(To Gunther who comes over with coffee and a muffin) Thank you!
PhoebeOh Joey, can I have a sip of your coffee and a bite of your muffin?
PhoebeThank you. (Pours his coffee in a Thermos and puts his muffin in her purse.) Thank you!
JoeyAh, Pheebs, have you ever been bitten by a hungry Italian?
PhoebeI'm sorry, it's just, I'm a little short on cash.
JoeyUh, oh if you want, I could loan you some money?
PhoebeOh no, no, no. I learned never to borrow money from friends. No, that, that's why Richard Dreyfuss and I don't speak anymore.
JoeyOh, Why-why don't you just sponge off your boyfriend?
PhoebeOh, yeah, right, the unemployed piano player who gave his trust fund to charity? I'm splitting the muffin with him.
JoeyOh, hey, how about this? Wanna be an extra on my show?
PhoebeYou could do that?
JoeyYeah, yeah. The pay is pretty good and you could do it for as long as you need.
PhoebeOh my god, I'm gonna be on TV!
JoeyOk, now. I gotta tell you, being on TV isn't as glamorous and exciting as you think.
PhoebeOh, really?
JoeyNo, it is awesome!
(Rachel and Ross enter with Emma)
RossHey you guys.
PhoebeWow! Hey, why are you all dressed up?
RossOh, Rachel and I are bringing Emma to Ralph Lauren today to introduce her to everyone. Doesn't she look cute?
JoeyShe sure does. Why-why does she have a pink bow taped to her head?
RachelWell, because if one more person says "what a cute little boy" I'm gonna whip them with a car antenna!
RossI think she's gonna be the hit of the office, huh? Yeah, she's gonna be hotter than uh, than peasant blouses and A-line skirts. (They all stare at him) Can I get a blue bow? Chandler and Monica's apartment. Monica(Flipping through a bunch of folders as Chandler enters from bathroom) Ok, I have looked through a bunch of career guides, photocopied and highlighted key passages and put them into alphabetical folders so you, can make an informed decision.
ChandlerHow long was I in there? (Points to the bathroom)
MonicaOk. Let us start with the 'A's. Advertising.
ChandlerWait. Advertising! That's a great idea!
MonicaWell don't you wanna look at the rest?
ChandlerI don't think I have to hear the rest. Advertising makes perfect sense. Sorry you had to waste all this time, though.
MonicaYou call eight hours alone with my label maker wasted time? Ooh, now I get to use my shredder!
ChandlerI mean, I can write slogans. I mean, how hard could it be, right? "Cheese. It's milk that you chew." "Crackers. Because your cheese needs a buddy." "A grape. Because who can get a watermelon in your mouth?"
MonicaI got one. "Socks. Because your family's feet deserve the best."
ChandlerHoney? Leave it to the pros.
MonicaI actually know someone in advertising. I grew up with this guy who is a vice president at-at a big agency. Maybe I can get him to meet you? Give me the phone.
Chandler"The phone. Bringing you closer to people...who have phones."
Monica"Marriage. It's not for everybody." Ralph Lauren. RachelThat went well. Almost everybody knew that she was a girl.
RossYeah, after you punched that one guy who got it wrong, word spread.
RachelAll right, I'm just gonna go into my office and pick up some stuff. (To the guy behind her desk) Who-who the hell are you!?
GuyWho the hell are you?
RachelI'm the hell person whose office this is!
RossGood one, Rach.
GuyI'm Gavin Mitchell, the person who's taken over your job.
RachelExcuse me?
GavinOh, your baby's so cute. Why did you put a pink bow on a boy? (Rachel tries to punch him and Ross stops her.) Days of Our Lives set. PhoebeHey Joey, look at me! I'm a nurse!
JoeyYes you are. I think it may be time for my sponge bath. Sorry, I'm just so used to hitting on the extras. So, are you excited about your scene?
PhoebeYeah! But I'm a little shaky and nervous.
JoeyOh, relax. Don't be. You'll be fine, you'll be fine. They'll probably just make you stand in the back.
DirectorOk, ok, ok! (To Phoebe) You. Here, come here, here. You're gonna take this tray, you're gonna stay on this yellow mark. You're gonna move on "action!" You're gonna walk over to the operating table. You're gonna stop on that blue mark, you're gonna put the tray down. Don't walk too fast! But don't dawdle.
PhoebeOk, now, what?
(Phoebe starts walking toward the operating table. Her hands are shaking like crazy, causing the tray to rattle.)
DirectorCut! Cut!
PhoebeI'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just a little nervous.
DirectorWell, don't be.
PhoebeOk, that helps.
(Phoebe starts walking towards the table again. She's even more shaky than before and almost drops the tray.)
JoeyHey, you know what? Don't worry about it, Pheebs! It usually takes me three takes too! (Off the director's look) Alright, eight.
(Ok, here we go again. Phoebe starts walking toward the operating table, but stops every time the tray starts to rattle. She eventually drops it on the floor, but finishes the scene anyway by putting the now non-existent tray on the table.) Central Perk. InterviewerSo, do you have any other questions about advertising?
ChandlerNo, no. But let me show you what I can do. "Bagels and donuts. Round food for every mood."
InterviewerMonica warned me you might do that. I actually think we might have something for you at the agency.
ChandlerReally? That's great!
InterviewerIt's an unpaid internship.
ChandlerIt's funny. When-when you said "unpaid" it sounded like you said "unpaid."
InterviewerIt won't be forever. It just takes a year to get a good portfolio together.
ChandlerWell, I can skip a couple of steps, right? I mean, you did hear my round food thing.
InterviewerLook, you're changing careers. I mean, no matter what you do, you're gonna have to start at the bottom. It's gonna be years before you're making anything near as much as you were before.
ChandlerSo you're paying the check, right?
InterviewerCome on now. Monica has a good job. And it's not like you have a family to support.
ChandlerWell, actually, we're trying, and I don't think Monica's gonna wanna postpone it. Now, we're supposed to have sex tonight. Actually, she's probably home naked right now. I tend to keep talking until somebody stops me. I can just picture her on the bed right now.
InterviewerOk. Ralph Lauren. RachelWait a minute! What'd you mean, you're taking over my job?
GavinWell, while you were on your baby vacation I was doing your job.
RachelA vacation? My idea of a vacation does not involve something sucking on my nipples until they are raw.
GavinClearly you've never been to Sandles Paradise Island.
RachelAlright! We-hey- Don't get too comfortable there, because I'm back in two weeks! And I want everything back to the way it was. I can't say that I care too much for the way you've rearranged my office.
GavinI can't say I care too much for that smell you've brought in with you.
RachelExcuse me?
RossUh Rach, uh we have a code brown situation.
RachelCould you please, please take care of it for me?
RossAlright, but you-you're gonna have to do one sometime.
RachelAll right, let-let me just get this straight! So I go have a baby and they send some guy in to do my job?
GavinWell, there was talk of shutting down Ralph Lauren altogether.
RachelOk, that's right. You're, you're very cheeky for a temp.
GavinI'm not a temp. I was transferred here from another department.
RachelOh, yeah, what department was that? The uh jerk department?
GavinOh, they didn't tell me about your quick wit.
RachelOh, did they mention that I'm rubber and you're glue?
Mr. Zelner(Enters) Gavin, Ralph loved your ideas.
RachelOh, hi Mr. Zelner.
Mr. ZelnerAh Rachel, I see you've met Gavin. You know, I must say, when you left us we weren't sure what we were gonna do. But then, Gavin to the rescue. Super Gavin!
RachelWow, that's great, that's great. So now uh, Super Gavin, when I come back uh where do you plan on flying off to?
GavinWell, that's up to Mr. Zelner. I'm sure he will make the right decision.
Rachel(To herself) Oh, wow. Super ass-kissing power.
Mr. ZelnerIncidentally, when, when are you coming back?
RachelUh... today!
GavinYou said two weeks.
RachelNo, I said today! See, for a superhero, not so much with the listening.
RossUh, oh, I'm sorry. Rach, we should probably go. I ran out of diapers, and I-I had to use your sweater.
RachelI-I didn't bring a sweater.
RossThen we should really go. Days of Our Lives set. JoeyHey.
PhoebeHey. So, what did he say?
JoeyUh, well, he can be a little rough around the edges, so I'm gonna replace a word he used a lot, with the word "puppy." Ok, so he said: "If your puppy friend doesn't get her puppy act together, I'm gonna fire her mother-puppy ass."
PhoebeI'm sorry, I can't do this. I'm just not an actor.
JoeyThat's right, you're not. You're a nurse. You-you're Nurse With Tray.
PhoebeOh, Joey.
JoeyNo, no. Nurse With Tray doesn't know Joey, she doesn't have time for friends. She gets in that operating room and she carries that tray to the doctor, because if she doesn't, people die!
PhoebeWho dies?
Joey(Points to man on operating table) Man With Eye Patch! You get in there and you do your job.
PhoebeYes, doctor.
DirectorOk, let's try this one more time.
PhoebeHang in there, Man With Eye Patch, your tray is coming!
Phoebe(Does the scene) Yes, I did it! I nailed it! Wow! What's next?
DirectorThe rest of the scene.
PhoebeOk, from the top, people! Ralph Lauren. RossHey, you know what I was thinking? I don't know if "code brown" is the best code word. You know, I think people might know what we're talking about.
RachelYeah no, that's fine, that's fine. Listen. Sudden-sudden change of plans. Um, my maternity leave just ended. They told me that if I didn't come back today, they were gonna fire me.
RossWhat? No, that's-that's illegal. I'm gonna have the labor department down here so fast they won't even...
RachelAlright, alright. Calm down Norma Rae. They didn't actually say that. I'm just afraid if I don't come back right now this guy's gonna try to squeeze me out.
RossOh, but what about Emma? I mean we-we don't have a nanny.
RachelI know. You know, we're just gonna have to figure out a plan tonight. Can you please just take care of her for today?
RossAbsolutely. Just give me your breast and we'll be on our way.
RachelCome on, I don't, I don't know what else to do.
RossFine, fine. (To Emma) We'll have fun, won't we? Yes, we will, yes we- (Gives her a kiss, and the pink bow tapes itself to his head.)
RachelYou're pretty. Chandler and Monica's apartment. ChandlerHey whatever I decide to do, I'm gonna be starting a new career from scratch. It's gonna be a while before I make a living at it. Maybe now is not the right time to be starting a family.
RossSo you have to tell Monica you don't wanna have a baby right now?
Ross(Hugs Chandler) Goodbye.
Monica(Enters) Ok, it's baby time. Pants off Bing. (Sees Ross) Didn't see you there Geller.
ChandlerYeah, Ross is here so...
RossUh-huh, yeah, uh and I was really hoping that maybe, you know, I could hang out. you know, what'd you, uh, what'd you feel like doing?
MonicaWell, we're gonna have sex.
RossI don't feel like having sex. Uh, maybe, uh, I don't, maybe you- we can watch a movie or something.
MonicaUh, let me put it this way. We're having sex whether you're here or not.
RossPants off Bing! Ralph Lauren. RachelAlright. Now that I'm back, why don't you just fill me in on what you've been up to?
GavinWell, I've changed your screensaver from that picture of 'N Sync.
RachelHey, they were popular when I left!
GavinAlso, I've just been working on this big presentation for tomorrow.
RachelWell, I should be involved in that, so why don't you get me up to speed?
GavinThat's gonna take weeks. Why don't you just let me take care of the presentation?
RachelOh, no no no no. I see what you're doing here, alright, listen, this is my job, buddy. Ok, I've had it for five years, and I know how it works, so why don't you just catch me up!
Rachel(Sits down in her chair) Oh, god. You've totally messed with the back support of my chair. How do you fix this?
GavinHey, you've been here five years, you figure it out.
RachelFine, I will. (Pushes that button thing on the chair that makes it "collapse") Alright, fill me in! Chandler and Monica's apartment. RossHey.
RossYou have a blue tie that would go with this? Emma spit up on mine.
ChandlerOh, yeah. But you have to give it back if I get a job. Of course, by that time in the future ties will be obsolete and we'll all be wearing silver jumpsuits.
Monica(Enters from the bedroom) Hi, good morning lover. I gotta say after last night, I'm a little weak in the knees.
Ross(Slams the fridge door shut) Here's an idea. You walk into a room...take a quick scan!
Monica(To Ross) Sorry. (To Chandler) But I kinda have this feeling that we-we may have made a baby last night.
ChandlerOh, god, I have to tell you something. You're not pregnant.
MonicaWhat're you talking about?
ChandlerThat thing that I have to do to make a baby. I faked it.
MonicaWhat!? You faked it?
RossYou know what? I don't need a tie. I mean, it's-it's better, open collar. You know, it's-it's more casual (He leaves.) Days of Our Lives set. PhoebeJoey, listen. I can't do this, it doesn't make any sense. Yesterday I was a nurse, and today I'm a waitress at a cafe?
JoeyOh no, well sometimes we use the same extras for different parts. That's ok.
PhoebeWell, it's not ok, because I gave a very memorable performance as the nurse. And now suddenly I'm the waitress? That's gonna confuse my fans.
JoeyMaybe you are a nurse, but you moonlight as a waitress.
PhoebeUhuh. Because I'm a single mother, supporting my two children.
PhoebeOk. Wait a minute. Dr. Drake Ramoray and I work at the same hospital. Wouldn't I come over to say hi to him?
JoeyNo, no. See, uh, you and Drake are having a fight.
PhoebeAbout what?
JoeyUh, he slept with you and, best sex she ever had by the way, and never called you.
PhoebeAnd I just wanted a new daddy for Davy and Becky.
DirectorOk, ok, from the top. And...Action!
ManSo, I'm surprised you agreed to have lunch with me.
Joey/DrakeI'm surprised to, but yet here I am.
(Phoebe walks by and slaps him.)
DirectorCut, cut! What-what, what're you doing!?
PhoebeYeah, well, I'm very angry at him, because he slept with me and never called me back.
ExtraMe too!
Another extraMe too!
JoeyOh, calm down! She means on the show! We need some new extras around here! Chandler and Monica's apartment. Gavin(Enters) Wow, you're here already.
RachelYes. Emma and I came in a little early to do research on the presentation. I actually made a few changes, but I think I'm caught up on everything. So, ask me anything!
GavinHow do you fix the chair?
RachelOh, except that! (Mr. Zelner enters) Oh, hello, Mr. Zelner. We're all ready for our presentation this afternoon.
Mr. ZelnerGood, because it's in ten minutes.
RachelWhat? I can't do that! I have the baby, and Ross is not gonna pick her up for another hour.
Mr. ZelnerWell, then Gavin can give the presentation, ok? we have to do it now. Ralph needs to leave early today. He's going helicopter shopping. But I love that man. I'd follow him into hell. (Whispers) Microphones.
RachelAll right, well there you go. You win, you win. You get to do the presentation, you'll knock 'em dead, no one will ever remember that I worked here, and then Ralph will buy his helicopter, and Super Gavin will just fly right along side of him!
GavinYou can do the presentation.
RachelNo, I can't, I have a baby.
GavinI'll watch her.
RachelWhy would you do that?
GavinBecause you've worked really hard, and it's your job, and you're a little crazy.
RachelThat's really nice.
GavinI should tell you that crying women make me very uncomfortable.
RachelThen you're not gonna like what's coming. (Starts crying) I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Thank you, thank you.
GavinI-I'm really fine, don't worry, I'm great with children. (To Emma) Gavin Mitchell. Pleased to meet you. Days of Our Lives set. JoeyPlease don't fire my friend. Just-just let me talk to her.
DirectorOk, ok. But this is her last chance.
JoeyThank you, thank you. How about I do something for you? Tomorrow, I'll bring you a hat, cover up the bald?
JoeyHey, uh, listen Pheebs. I-I, I was just talking to the director, and he was thinking, maybe this time you don't hit Drake, you just wait on the tables?
PhoebeI can't do that. I'm an actor. I have a process.
JoeyYou're a masseuse. You have a table with a hole in it.
PhoebeWait a minute, I see what's happening here. You're threatened.
PhoebeYeah, I'm so good in this scene that I'm stealing focus from you. Well, rise to the challenge Tribianni 'cause I just raised the bar. Come join me up here!
JoeyOh, alright, great, I will.
PhoebeOk. Good!
JoeyOk. (To the director) Yeah, you can fire her, but I would call security, she won't go easy. Chandler and Monica's apartment. MonicaYou faked it? You couldn't 've faked it!
ChandlerOh yes you can. You just make the faces and the noises.
MonicaGuys can fake it? Unbelievable. The one thing that's ours! Besides, why would you fake it when we're trying to have a baby?
ChandlerWell, that's actually... why. Look, I'm starting a whole new career now, and I'm, I'm not saying that I don't wanna have a baby, I'm just saying, maybe we could wait a little while?
MonicaLike-like a month?
ChandlerOr.. a year?
MonicaReally, you wanna wait a year?
ChandlerIt could be less than a year. I mean, you've heard my stuff. "Pants. Like shorts, but longer." (Pause) It'll probably be more than a year.
MonicaWow, I, I really wanna have a baby.
ChandlerYeah, me too. Look, I'll-I'll, I'll just get my old job back.
MonicaNo, I want you to have a job that you love. Not statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.
ChandlerI quit and you learn what I do?
MonicaIt's just, I think, there's never gonna be a right time to have a baby. I mean, now you're unemployed and in-in a little while you'll find a new job that'll keep you really busy. There's always gonna be a reason not to do this, but, I think once the baby comes, forget about all those reasons.
ChandlerI guess. I mean it's always gonna be scary when we have a baby.
MonicaIt's gonna be really scary. I mean, God. When we have a baby, there's-there's gonna be so much that-that we're not able to control. I mean, the apartment's gonna be a mess, I won't have time to clean it. What if the baby gets into the ribbon drawer? Messes up all the ribbons?! What if there's no room for a ribbon drawer, because, the baby's stuff takes up all the space!? Where will all the ribbons go?!
ChandlerShould we go make a baby right now before you change your mind?
MonicaYes, please!
ChandlerOk. Oh, and I promise, I will not fake it this time.
MonicaI wish I could say the same. I'm a little shook up! Days of Our Lives set. Joey/DrakeI know you botched that operation on purpose. I can't prove it yet, but when I do, you'll be going to jail for murder. I don't care if you are my brother.
ManI'm not your brother.
Phoebe/WaitressWhat about my children Drake?! Huh!? (She starts running around on the set with a security guy chasing her) No! No! No! God!

Teleplay by Peter Tibbals; Story by Judd Rubin; Directed by Gary Halvorson; Annotated by ncp