Central Perk. MonicaIt's so weird, how did Joey end up kissing Charlie last night? I thought you'd end up kissing Charlie.
RossHey, I thought I'd end up kissing Charlie too ok? But SURPRISE!
ChandlerI missed most of the party (pause) Charlie's a girl, right?
RossYes, she is this new professor in my department that I did not kiss.
RachelI don't know why Joey had to kiss her! I mean, of all the girls at the party, GOD!
RossWhy do you care so much?
MonicaYes Rachel, why do you care so much?
Rachel(worried) Be-cause Ross is the father of my child! You know... and I... want him to hook up with lots of women! (pause) Look, I just, All I'm saying is, I don't think that Joey and Charlie have anything in common.
RossI don't know, they seem to have a shared interest in each other's tonsils.
PhoebeWow, Joey and a professor! Can you imagine, if they had kids and if-if the kids got her intelligence and Joey's raw sexual magnetism... those nerds will get laaaaaid!
RachelAll right, so... Ross, you're ok with all this? I mean-
RossYeah, it's no big deal. I mean, I just met her and I'm fine with it.
(Joey and Charlie enter. Ross looks at her)
RossOh, God. I forgot how hot she was! I'm gonna get some more coffee.
Charlie(to Ross) Oh you know, I'll come with you.
RossOk. (they both go)
Chandler(to Joey) So, a professor, uh?
JoeyYeah! She is cool, and she's so smart! Her mind is totally acrimonious (pause) That's not how she used it.
Charlie(talking to Ross) I feel like I owe you an explanation. I don't ordinarily go around kissing guys at parties. I'm... well, I'm kind of embarrassed. I really hope you don't think less of me.
RossNo, think less of you! No, I don't think less of you. I mean, you-you saw someone you liked and you kissed them. I mean, those people who-who like someone and-and don't kiss them... those-those people are stupid, I hate those people.
CharlieYou know, actually I'm a little surprised to myself. I mean, Joey is so different from the guys I usually date. I mean, they're all professors, and intellectuals, and paleontologists mostly, you know, very cerebral...
RossYeah, I know the type.
JoeyHey, if you wanna you know grab a bite before work we'd better get acrimonious. No? Am I getting close? Joey and Rachel's apartment. Phoebe(entering) Hey!
PhoebeHey you guys! Look what I just got. (she shows them a pair of slippers)
RachelOh, wow, I love those! Where did you get them?
PhoebeI bought them off eBay! They used to belong to the late Shania Twain.
Rachel(after a pause) Phoebe, Shania Twain is still alive!
PhoebeOh, then I overpaid. (she goes to the bathroom)
MonicaHey, what's this?
RachelOh, it's a gift certificate to this new Spa in SoHo.
MonicaOh, you can't show Phoebe this! She hates those corporate massage chains.
RachelAh, why, now I can't get a massage? There are so many things that she disapproves of! I can't eat veal, I can't wear fur, I can't go hunting.
MonicaDo you wanna go hunting?
RachelWell, I would like to have the option!
Phoebe(coming back from the bathroom) What's up? (she sees the gift certificate in Rachel's hands) Hey, Rachel!
PhoebeNo, you can't go there! You know how I feel about these "big massage places"! They're putting people like me out of business!
MonicaAnd she wants to go hunting, too!
RachelPhoebe, come on, I don't wanna waste it! It would be like throwing away a hundred bucks!
PhoebeOk, this is not about the MONEY, ok? It's-it's about, it's about corporate greed destroying our hearts and leaving us... the-the hollow shells.
RachelI don't care about any of that!
PhoebeWell, do you care about friendship?
PhoebeI feel really strongly about this, Rachel. Please, don't use this gift certificate. I'm asking you as a friend.
RachelOh, not as a friend, Phoebe! Fine, I won't use it!
RachelI promise.
PhoebeThank you. (she tears up the gift certificate)
RachelBut I am going hunting! Monica and Chandler's apartment. Monica(entering) Hey honey! I missed you today!
ChandlerOh, yeah?
MonicaYeah. (they kiss) What'd you wanna do tonight?
ChandlerOh, well uh, maybe we could... (he sweeps the stuff off the table and wordlessly invites Monica to have sex on it)
MonicaOk, trying to turn me on by making a mess? Know your audience! Besides, tomorrow we're doing those fertility tests and until then you need to keep your tadpoles in the tank.
ChandlerWe really need to take those tests? You know, I don't like the words they use in those places, you know? They're so clinical. This is a pee-pee, that's a hoo-hoo.
MonicaHoney, we've been trying to have a baby for over a year. Just think it's a good idea to find out if everything's ok. Just a few routine tests.
ChandlerBut I don't wanna do it in a cup!
MonicaWhat is the big deal?
ChandlerIt's weird! In a doctor's office?
MonicaIt's not ok to do it in a doctor's office but it is ok to do it in a parked car behind a Taco Bell?
Chandler(embarrassed) I cannot believe Ross told you that! (pause) And in my defense, it was a Wendy's!
MonicaOh, ok, I don't wanna do this test either, but I really do think it's a good idea!
ChandlerYeah, ok. I'm sure that doctor's office can't be worst than on a class trip to the Hershey's factory!
Monica(really embarrassed) OH!
ChandlerOh, yeah! RACHEL TALKS TOO! Joey's apartment. Joey(sipping red wine from a glass) Who says that wine has to cost more than milk!
(somebody knocks the door, Joey opens and it's Charlie)
JoeyCome on in, how are ya?
CharlieI'm good!
JoeyCan I offer you a drink?
CharliePlease, I have been crazed all day! I had a meeting with the dean, and my syllabus for summer school is due and I'm writing the foreword for a friend's book...
JoeyYeah, I had a pretty hectic day at work too, today I had to open a door and go (looking scared) ohhhh!
CharlieSo I am just so excited to be here. I mean I can't wait to start exploring the city!
JoeyHey, if you need a tour guide... (point to himself)
CharlieOh, you mean it? That would be so fun!
JoeyOh, yeah, definitely, definitely ok. Uh, what do you wanna see first?
CharlieOh, well, we can go see the Kronos Quartet at the Avery Fisher Hall.
Joey(looking puzzled and nodding) Ok!
CharlieAnd, oh, there is a collection of Walt Whitman letters on display at the public library.
JoeyI know, yeah!
CharlieAhh. Uhm, but first, I have to see the MET!
JoeyOk, let me stop you right there. The Mets suck, ok? You wanna see the Yankees.
CharlieNo, no, not the Mets, the MET, singular!
JoeyWhich one, they all suck!
CharlieThe museum!
Joey(looking puzzled) I don't think so. SPA massage center, Rachel enters. Rachel(to the receptionist) Hi there!
Receptionist(in an affected tone) Hello, welcome to Lavender Day Spa. How may I help you?
RachelOh, hi. I'm, I have a massage appointment under Rachel Green, and here is my gift certificate.
ReceptionistThis's been torn up.
RachelAnd... taped back together.
ReceptionistOk, well, I'll call you as soon as your massage therapist is ready.
ReceptionistHave a seat through the glass doors.
Rachel(imitating the receptionist's tone) through the glass doors.
ReceptionistThrough the glass doors.
RachelAlrighty then.
(Phoebe enters the hall)
ReceptionistPhoebe, your next client's in the waiting room.
PhoebeOk. Do we have to talk like that when they're not around? (She sees Rachel) Oh, no, no, no! Listen, is there someone who can fill in for me?
ReceptionistSorry, everyone is booked!
PhoebeBut that woman can't know I work here. She's a friend of mine and I made this big stink about how awful this massage chains are.
ReceptionistThen why do you work here?
Phoebe'Cause it's good money! But that doesn't change the fact that this is an evil blood sucking corporate machine!
ReceptionistWell, I think this is a great place to work!
Phoebe(watching around and whispering) Ok, are they listening? Central Perk. (Joey walks in and moves towards Ross, who's sitting of the sofa)
JoeyI uh, I need to talk to you about Charlie.
Ross(annoyed) Oh, do you, do you really?
JoeyYeah, I'm... I'm kinda having a little problem.
RossLook, if you don't know what the word "acrimonious" means, just don't use it!
JoeyNo, look, you know Charlie, right? She's cool, she's funny, her body is soo-
RossGet to the problem!
JoeyRight. It's just that she's so much smarter than all the girls I've ever dated! Combined! You know, and I just, I don't want her to think I'm stupid!
Ross(looking down) Are you wearing two belts?
Joey(checking) Eh, what do you know!
RossYou were saying you didn't wanna seem stupid.
JoeyRight, right, right, well, she, like she wants to go to all this cultural places and I don't know how to talk about that stuff. You gotta help me out!
RossYou know, I-I really don't wanna get involved in you guy's relationship.
JoeyOh dude, please, come on, you're the smartest person I know and I-I really like this girl, ok, I-I don't wanna lose her.
Ross(after a short hesitation) Fine.
RossOk. Let's see. Oh, you-you should take her to the MET!
JoeyThe Metsss!
RossNo-no-no! The MET! The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Joey(realizing) Oh, that's what she meant! (pause) You know, if they're gonna shorten it, they should call it the MUSE! You know, short for museum, and avoid all the confusion!
RossYeah, yeah, most days the place is packed with confused angry baseball fans.
JoeyOk, all right, so, I-I'll take her to the MET.
RossYeah, uh, uh, ok, there's this great rare bookstore on Madison Avenue. You know what? She loves architecture, you know what you should do? You should take a walk down fifth to the Saint Patrick's Cathedral and there there's this great little pastry shop that she'd love.
JoeyGeez, sounds like you should be going on this date!
RossBut I'm not! (pause). You know what if you're in the mood for Thai food...
JoeyWhoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down, you're going way too fast. Ok? Just go back to the MET, ok?
JoeySo, you gotta tell me exactly what to do there.
RossOk, when you walk in the museum, take a right, okah? that's the antiquities wing. Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, up to the Byzantine Empire.
JoeyWhoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok, so, I walk in the door and make a right (and he bends his arm to the left. Ross then bends Joey's arm to the right and Joey nods) Doctor's waiting room. ChandlerI have a weird feeling about this place. I mean how do I know that they are not gonna secretly videotape me and put it all over the Internet.
MonicaBecause, honey, I-I mean this in the sweetest way possible, nobody is gonna wanna watch that.
(A nurse walks in)
NurseMr. Bing? (Chandler jumps up) Here you are! You'll go into that room and deposit your specimen into the container.
ChandlerDeposit my specimen? You know, I usually have to call a 900 number for that kind of talk. Thanks, got it.
MonicaAll right, honey, my test is down the hall, are you sure you're gonna be ok?
ChandlerYeah, I guess!
MonicaLook, I know this is embarrassing, but nobody cares! No one here even knows you!
ChandlerOh, Come on!
Janice(laughs) How great is this!
MonicaYeah, we're probably fertile, let's go home!
ChandlerWhy are you here?
JaniceWell, Sid and I are trying again and we had trouble last time because apparently we...
Chandler(to Heaven) No no no, I mean, why? why is she here?
JaniceOh! Someone's a little cranky today 'cause they have to do it in a cup! (laughs) Oh! They gave you the kiddy size (looking at the cup in his hand).
(Janice does her "Janice Laugh")
MonicaThis was fun! But I've got an invasive vaginal exam to get to! (leaves)
ChandlerI'd love to stay, but I have eh... (points at the cup) got a hot date... (starts to leave)
JanicePlease go! (Then shouts after him) Just let me know if you need a hand!
Chandler(disgusted) I think it just fell off. (Leaves) At the Spa, Phoebe is at the half-opened door. Phoebe(In a strange heavy accent) Hello "ja", it's time for your massage, ja! Put-put your face in the hole.
RachelWow, a Swedish massage from a real Swedish person. (Puts her head in the hole and Phoebe enters)
PhoebeOk, then I'm Swedish.
MonicaSo, what's your name?
PhoebeIt's a normal Swedish name... Ikea.
RachelOh, what an interesting name.
RachelYou know I (lifts her head and tries to look in Phoebe's direction)
Phoebe(pushes her head back down) Time for your scalp massage!
Rachel(Sees Phoebe's slippers through the hole) Wow. I really love your- (startled as she realizes those are Phoebe's slippers)
PhoebeIs something wrong?
RachelNo, it's just that uhm... just feels so good... Ikea. (pause) No, hey, say, you'll know this, what's the capital of Sweden?
Phoebe(Thinks for a few moments) Uhm... Stockholm.
RachelDamn! I wish I knew if that was right! Joey's apartment, Joey and Ross in the living room, rehearsing what Joey will say to Charlie in the Museum. Joey(gesturing at an imaginary painting) Note the painterly lines and subtle impasto on this canvas. Monet painted quickly and usually outdoors as his elusive subject was light itself.
RossNow, do you have any idea what you just said?
Joey(shaking his head as if to say: of course not!) No, no, my mouth says the words, my brain is thinking monster trucks!
RossWow. Ok