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      n[C] an animal/plant produced from parents of different breeds/types ¶ a mixture of different things/styles
      A mule is a hybrid of a male donkey and a female horse.
      Hercules, a "Liger", is a Lion/Tiger hybrid.
      "What's a dogapus?" "A hybrid dog and octopus. Man's underwater best friend."
      I'd pick swan because, uh, the resulting hybrid would have the advanced industrial civilization of a human and the long graceful neck I've always dreamed of having.
      Hybrid cars, designed to run on gasoline and electric power, will be more the rule than the exception as US auto manufacturers become more environmentally aware.
      The Prius is a hybrid electric vehicle, the relevant components consisting of a gasoline-powered engine and generator, 1800Wh of battery and controls that glue them all together.
      adj unknown by name ¶ has no interesting/unusual features
      "Oh, I wish I knew, but the evaluations are all anonymous," said Ross.
      "And we don't want any recognition. This is completely anonymous," said Phoebe.
      I think the best option is to write an anonymous letter to the department informing them of this widespread problem without naming names.
      It's totally anonymous - all secrets are safe.
      Perhaps he wanted to remain anonymous, I thought.
      Someone was trying to blackmail him with pictures of him and his mistress.
      v[T] give official permission for sth
      In 1896, the trustees officially authorized the use of yet another new name, Columbia University, and today the institution is officially known as Columbia University in the City of New York.
      A bench warrant is a variant of an arrest warrant that authorizes the immediate on-sight arrest of the individual subject to the bench warrant.
      I.S.S (International Space Station), I'm afraid we can't authorize that.
      I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran's murderous activities.
      "The intention was not to authorize a campaign for regime change or political assassination," he said.
      Approve by definition means to confirm, ratify or sanction officially or to commend or regard as good. It is an expression of acceptance towards a favorable or pleasing thing or action.
      On the other hand, authorize, also spelled authorise, means to grant clearance for, to delegate power to, or to pass.
      n[C] flower or leaf not fully open
      v[I] produce ~
      It will look stunning as the buds open to reveal the pale pastel blue petals.
      With tender buds and thick leaves, Chinese toon turns purple due to its different varieties.
      Taste buds contain the receptors for taste.
      A cotton bud or Q-tip is a small stick with a ball of cotton wool at each end, which people use, for example, for applying make-up.
      When a tree or plant is in bud or has come into bud, it has buds on it.
      I have roses that are heavy in bud I hope to share with you in the next couple of weeks.
      If you nip something such as bad behavior in the bud, you stop it before it can develop very far.
      I have been taking cough medicine in an attempt to nip it in the bud. I hope it works; I don't want to be ill.
      The trees are budding early this year.
      Hey, Bud (buddy)! How are you doing?
      Would you like a Bud (Budweiser)?
      n[CU] the act/process of executing, or the state/fact of being executed ¶ the process of enforcing a court judgment, or the act of killing sb as a punishment ¶ a mode/style of performance
      The plans were finally put into execution.
      Sometimes in the execution of their duty the police have to use firearms.
      She faced execution by hanging for murder.
      Execution is still the penalty in some states for murder.
      Executions were carried out in the prison yard.
      The executions were carried out by a firing squad.
      Over 748 executions were carried out last year.
      A summary execution is a variety of execution in which a person is accused of a crime and then immediately killed without benefit of a full and fair trial.
      A stay of execution is a court order to temporarily suspend the execution of a court judgment or other court order.
      The word "execution" does not necessarily mean the death penalty; it refers to the imposition of whatever judgment is being stayed.
      Changes in circumstances after the execution of the will, such as tax law amendments, deaths, marriage, divorce, birth of children, or even a substantial change in the nature or amount of your estate, may raise questions as to the adequacy of your will.
      Thank you Anita Baker for such a beautiful execution of the lyrics.
      v[T] say what medical treatment sb should have ¶ state officially what should be done in a particular situation
      If he'd been able to afford the drugs now routinely prescribed for HIV positive people in the West, he wouldn't be paralyzed and bedridden today.
      Carry them in a pillbox or the pill bottle, and take them as prescribed with meals eaten away from home, instead of waiting until you return home.
      Grammatical rules prescribe how words may be used together.
      My employer has asked me to work on a public holiday. Am I obliged to work and what payment does the law prescribe for such work?
      As for Manning, he gets what is prescribed in the UCMJ.
      The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the foundation of military law in the United States.
      adj determined to be successful, rich, famous etc ¶ showing/requiring ambition
      This ambitious young man is on the fast track to political office.
      Ruthless he may have been, and always ambitious.
      He was an ambitious young man and had a strong desire to run his own company.
      The government's new mortgage guarantee scheme is ambitious.
      In the next year, however, George Romney launched an ambitious program to overwhelm white resistance and integrate the suburbs - not by busing schoolchildren but by forcing suburbs to accept black residents.
      The project, he admitted, was extremely ambitious.
      adj unfriendly/threatening ¶ opposing sth ¶ belonging to an enemy ¶ difficult/dangerous
      "I'm sorry that I'm acting hostile, I don't mean to, it's just I love this game so much, that I would just like a chance to play a little too," said Monica.
      The vast majority of voters is hostile to the war in Afghanistan and believes the political parties are failing to give voice to their opposition.
      Most of the troops will be based in Helmand province, hostile territory at the heart of the country's opium poppy area.
      Incidentally, though Rice this week was quoted as saying there must be progress towards a Palestinian state, she did not go so far as to comment on Israel declaring the entire Gaza strip " hostile territory " and cutting its water, electricity and gas supplies.
      Otherwise, the hostile climate will completely cripple agriculture, farmers and the rural economy," he said.
      A takeover is considered "hostile" if the target company's board rejects the offer, but the bidder continues to pursue it, or the bidder makes the offer directly after having announced its firm intention to make an offer.
      v[IT] have a mutual relation or connection ¶ examine two things and find out whether they are connected
      n[C] one of two things that ~ with each other
      If one thing correlates with another, there is a close similarity or connection between them, often because one thing causes the other. You can also say that two things correlate.
      A high-fat diet correlates with a greater risk of heart disease.
      Obesity correlates with increased risk for hypertension and stroke.
      If you correlate things, you work out the way in which they are connected or the way they influence each other.
      Stress levels and heart disease are strongly correlated.
      The aim of the study was to detect specific brain morphological alterations by means of MRI and to see if findings correlated with particular cognitive deficits.
      Correlate summation analysis is a data mining method. It is designed to find the variables that are most covariant with all of the other variables being studied, relative to clustering.
      v[IT] send out electronic signals, messages etc ¶ send/pass sth from one person, place or thing to another ¶ allow light, sound etc to pass through/along
      A repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power.
      Assuming a device could be invented, which would identify the quantum state of matter of an individual in one location and transmit that pattern to a distant location for reassembly, you would not have actually transported the individual. You would have destroyed him in one location and recreated him in another.
      The World Cup final will be transmitted live via satellite.
      Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), also referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STI) and venereal diseases (VD), are illnesses that have a significant probability of transmission between humans by means of sexual behavior, including vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex.
      Unlike latex condoms, condoms that are made from polyurethane transmit body heat, making intercourse feels more sensual.
      Man is the only species that can transmit knowledge and expand his store of knowledge from generation to generation.
      n[UC] a particular type of land
      Terrain is used as a general term in physical geography, referring to the lay of the land.
      This is usually expressed in terms of the elevation, slope, and orientation of terrain features.
      The terrain of a region largely determines its suitability for human settlement: flatter, alluvial plains tend to have better farming soils than steeper, rockier uplands.
      An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler, is defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control.
      As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles.
      n[C] any object made by human beings, esp a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological/historical interest
      An artifact is any object shaped by human hands. So anything made by humans, from a flint arrowhead to the space shuttle, is technically an artifact, although the term is usually applied to those human-created objects which have archeological and/or historical significance.
      An antique, on the other hand, is an artifact that has been assessed to have monetary value because of its age, without regard, necessarily, to its historical or archeological significance, although those factors may play a part.
      By these definitions, then, all antiques are artifacts, but most artifacts are not antiques.
      "That's an eighteenth century Indian artifact from Calcutta," said Ross.
      Mona and Ross start making out and she kicks the artifact off his apothecary table from the days of yore and the magical city of White Plains.
      v[T] officially tell sb what to do ¶ teach sb a subject/skill ¶ inform ¶ employ a lawyer to represent you in court
      Nina was instructed to cancel all Mr. Bing's engagements.
      "I was improperly instructed in driving by a woman whose lack of respect for society borders on the sociopathic," said Sheldon.
      It is not clear whether Haydn also instructed him in free composition.
      Finally, our lawyer instructed her that she was required to do it.
      That another director instructed a solicitor to write a letter to Mr. Spencer threatening legal action if any future statements were made that were "untrue" and "libelous".
      v[IT] push sharply ¶ move/push sth through a space/opening ¶ thrust
      n[C] a quick push with your finger or a pointed object
      Rachel poked me in the arm to get my attention.
      Phoebe's massage client said Ross poked at him with wooden spoons.
      One of the slutty nurses poked her head around the door.
      Chandler peeks his head out of the storage closet and sneaks back to his seat and pretends he's reading something. Then a short while later Monica pokes her head out of the closet and sneaks back to her seat and sits down, pretending as if nothing has happened.
      Be careful with that umbrella or you'll poke someone in the eye.
      Defense attorneys tried to poke holes (find mistakes or problems) in his story.
      Sting's son poked fun at the fact that Ben's moms are lesbianisms.
      Don't poke your nose in other people's business.
      Stop poking around in my business!
      Ross kept the car in the slow lane, poking along at about 20 miles an hour.
      Melissa gave Rachel a playful poke in the cleavage.
      You wanna take a poke at (criticize) me?
      Lately it seems as though everyone wants to take a poke at the dollar.
      I would advise you to covertly take a poke (tour) around not just in Beijing and Shanghai but also in the mega-cities that nobody has ever heard of and then make your decision.
      To buy a pig in a poke means to buy something without seeing it or knowing if it is satisfactory.
      If you pick your nose, you remove mucus from your nose with your finger.
      v[IT] admit that sth is true, or one has lost ¶ give away
      If you concede something, you admit, often unwillingly, that it is true or correct.
      I conceded that I had made a number of errors.
      If you concede or cede something to someone, you allow them to have it.
      We cannot concede any of our territory.
      In sport, if you concede goals or points, you are unable to prevent your opponent from scoring them.
      The China national football team conceded two goals in the first five minutes of the game.
      If you concede defeat, you accept that you have lost a struggle.
      The former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney conceded defeat, announcing at his campaign headquarters in Boston.
      Compare "concede" and "recede."
      n[UC] the way sth feels when you touch it ¶ the way that a particular type of food feels in your mouth ¶ the distinctive physical composition or structure of sth
      A rash is a change of the skin which affects its color, appearance or texture.
      This artificial fabric has the texture of silk.
      Sprinkles are very small pieces of sweets and chocolates used as a decoration or to add texture to desserts.
      It is a great addition to soups and stews giving a robust and rich texture without being to starchy or heavy.
      The first sip it tasted like any ordinary coffee, but on the subsequent sip I would finally feel the presence of the rich coffee aroma and rich texture on every sip.
      Then a very low bass note is sustained with very high harmonic sounds, leading into a quiet, tonal, romantic harmony of mystery, with chords and clusters coming to the foreground and then disappearing back into the rich, silken texture.
      v[I] breathe in suddenly in a way that can be heard ¶ make an effort to breathe because you need more air
      v[T] say sth in a breathless way
      also a noun
      Marcel jumps into view wearing a pink dress. Everybody gasps.
      She came to the surface of the water gasping for air.
      Help me!" she gasped.
      Her breath came in short gasps.
      You describe something as the last gasp to emphasize that it is the final part of something or happens at the last possible moment.
      I was gasping (have a craving) for a cigarette.
      Ross' heart was filled with longing for Rachel.
      adj new, different, and better than those that existed before
      It is innovative, original, and unprecedented.
      So you've got an innovative product or idea, now how do you find your customers?
      He was one of the most creative and innovative engineers of his generation.
      To meet the complex needs of today's cities, innovative solutions are essential.
      He immediately saw the potential of this innovative technology.
      She was an imaginative and innovative porn star.
      Create and innovate are the verbs of the nouns creativity and innovation, respectively. Innovation even has an adjective called innovational.
      Creativity is the act of conceiving or imagining something original
      Innovation is the implementation of something new or novel. It can be the implementation of a novel idea too.
      n[U] quantity of motion of a moving object ¶ the ability to keep increasing, developing, or being more successful
      In physics, momentum is the product of the mass and velocity of an object.
      Once you push the sledge, it keeps going under its own momentum.
      It gains momentum as it run down the hill.
      The team has lost momentum in recent weeks.
      Their momentum has gone, and they feel they cannot fight any longer.
      We have to keep the momentum of our sales operation going.
      Compare inertia and momentum.
      n[C] a long passage between rows of seats in a theater, plane etc, or between rows of shelves in a supermarket
      An airplane cabin, Phoebe has the aisle seat, Chandler the window, and Monica's stuck in that horrible middle seat.
      Hey man, you want the aisle?
      If you pick Ross, he'll walk you down the aisle just fine. But if you choose me, you'll be getting some comedy!
      I can picture myself walking down the aisle in a wedding dress that highlights my breasts in an obvious yet classy way.
      Rachel starts to walk down the aisle, unfortunately she doesn't realize that her dress is bunched up in her underwear and her butt is showing.
      I'll be in the cereal aisle.
      n[UC] ice that looks white and powdery and covers things that are outside ¶ a weather condition in which the temperature drops below freezing point
      v[T] cover with ~
      Frost is the term for several types of coatings or deposits of ice that may form in humid air in cold conditions, usually overnight.
      It will be a clear day with some ground frost.
      When I woke up this morning the ground was covered with frost.
      The windscreen was covered with frost.
      It's sunny, but the air is frosty.
      Two of the mountain climbers were suffering from frost-bite.
      Leave the cake to cool before frosting it.
      Frostbite is a condition caused by extreme cold, that makes your fingers and toes swell, become darker, and sometimes fall off.
      n[U] ice/field ~ is a game
      Hockey is a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent's goal using a hockey stick.
      The game of field hockey is played between two teams of eleven players including the goalie.
      Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice in which skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber hockey puck into their opponent's net to score points.
      In some countries, such as Canada, the United States and a few European countries such as Finland and Sweden among others, it is known as "hockey"; the name "ice hockey" is used in countries where "hockey" generally refers to field hockey (like in most European, South American and Asian countries).
      A hockey stick is a piece of equipment used in field hockey, ice hockey , roller hockey or underwater hockey to move the ball or puck.
      v[IT] enter a country/territory with armed forces in order to attack, damage or occupy it ¶ crowd into ¶ intefere, intrude
      Japan invading China is a significant period in history.
      Japan invaded Manchuria outright after the Mukden Incident (simplified Chinese: 九一八事变) in September 1931.
      The Mukden Incident, also known as the Manchurian Incident, was a staged event engineered by rogue Japanese military personnel as a pretext for the Japanese invasion of the northeastern part of China, known as Manchuria, in 1931.
      Shenyang, formerly romanized as Mukden, is the capital and largest city of Liaoning Province (1634年,皇太极改沈阳为盛京,满文音为谋克敦).
      The Romans invaded Britain 2000 years ago.
      Alexander the Great invaded India with a large army.
      Every summer the town is invaded by tourists.
      What right do you have to invade my privacy?
      Cell phones seem to be invading every aspect of our lives.
      The infected cells can invade (spread to a part of the body and cause damage there) healthy tissue.
      n[UC] a long pointed orange vegetable that grows under the ground
      Carrots are long, thin, orange-colored vegetables. They grow under the ground, and have green shoots above the ground.
      "Leonard can't eat cheesecake. He's lactose intolerant." "Okay, he can have carrot cake."
      Melted snowmen? Are there carrots and lumps of coal in the water?
      The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reports that world production of carrots and turnips for calendar year 2011 was almost 35.658 million tones. Almost half were grown in China.
      The "carrot and/or stick" approach is an idiom that refers to a policy of offering a combination of rewards and punishment to induce behavior.
      "Carrot on a stick" refers to a policy of offering a reward for making progress towards benchmarks or goals but not necessarily ever actually delivering.
      n[UC] a feeling ¶ the ability to feel things ¶ sth that causes a lot of excitement/interest
      One sign of a heart attack is a tingling sensation in the left arm.
      It was a strange sensation - I felt I'd been there before.
      I can remember the first time I had sex - it was a wonderful sensation.
      When she awoke she had lost all sensation in both of her legs.
      Some sensation is coming back to her legs.
      Their affair caused a sensation.
      Compare these words: emotion, feeling, perception, sensation, and sentiment.