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      adj workable, feasible ¶ able to continue to live or to develop into a living thing
      The loss of drinking water provided to millions of people from glaciers is a real concern as we head towards 2100 without a viable plan to curb our carbon emissions.
      I don't think what you suggest is a viable alternative either.
      It is not really a viable proposition in reality.
      The only viable option left was burial at sea.
      I am not sure if it was economically viable to continue.
      Where was the cost factor on this that made it not commercially viable?
      It's still too early to tell exactly how financially viable all this is.
      The greater the number of viable seeds, the larger will be the size of the fruit and the greater will be the ability of the fruit to resist heat and water stress.
      adj very great, serious, or severe ¶ ≠chronic ¶ very sensitive, keen or sharp
      The housing shortage in Beijing is more acute than first thought.
      The problem of poverty is particularly acute in rural areas.
      Appendicitis is recognized as one of the most common and significant causes of severe acute abdominal pain.
      My friend suffered from acute arthritis which made it difficult for her to walk and to use her arms.
      Dogs have a particularly acute sense of smell.
      Cyril's acute analysis and clear and coherent writing and colorful turn of phrase make one wonder why the state of Pakistan does not use his talents.
      Angles smaller than a right angle (less than 90°) are called acute angles.
      Angles larger than a right angle and smaller than a straight angle (between 90° and 180°) are called obtuse angles.
      The acute accent (´) is a diacritic used in many modern written languages with alphabets based on the Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts.
      adj made warmer using a heater ¶ full of anger and excitement
      Houses are often centrally heated and have air-conditioning, with spare rooms, and two cars parked outside.
      The resort hotel has an outdoor heated swimming pool, sauna, hot tubs, and fitness facilities.
      From there on Penny and Leonard got in to a heated argument.
      After a heated debate, Lynette Scavo and Tom Scavo divorced.
      This sort of heated discussion went on for days and nights.
      n[C] lines on sb's skin, esp face as they grow old ¶ crease
      also a verb
      Crow foot, crow's foot, crow's feet, or crowfoot may refer to wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes as the result of aging.
      Psychological pressure and stress can cause the crow feet and wrinkle around the eyes appears earliest on face.
      He's beginning to get wrinkles around his eyes.
      She walked over to the bed and smoothed out the wrinkles.
      She pressed her skirt to try to remove all the wrinkles.
      Joey wrinkled up his nose at the smell of fart.
      Chandler wrinkled his forehead in concentration.
      His suit was wrinkled and he looked very tired.
      The trouble with linen is that it wrinkles so easily.
      adj very unusual/trange
      It's bizarre to hear a British accent coming out of him.
      This is a rather bizarre twist, yet that is what has happened.
      What kind of bizarre logic is that?
      The user interface is bizarre.
      If you describe something, usually a sexual practice or preference, as kinky, you mean that it is unusual and would be considered strange by most people.
      n[C] waiting room at an airport etc ¶ a public waiting area provided with seating as in a hotel, lobby ¶ living room ¶ bar
      v[I] stand, sit or lie in a lazy way
      The departure lounge is our home for the next 5 hours.
      By day you can lounge around on the big cushions and hammocks soaking up the sun.
      All the family was sitting in the lounge watching The CCTV New Year's Gala.
      A cocktail lounge is an upscale bar that is typically located within a hotel, restaurant, or airport.
      A sunroom, sun parlor, sun porch, or sun lounge is a structure usually constructed onto the side of a house which allows enjoyment of the surrounding landscape while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind.
      A lounge car is a railroad car where riders can purchase food and drinks.
      In a hotel or other large building, the lobby is the area near the entrance that usually has corridors and staircases leading off it.
      n[sU] heaven ¶ ideal or perfect place
      Much of Milton's Paradise Lost occurs in the Garden of Eden.
      Much of Cuba is considered a tropical paradise, including lush, green flowering plants and trees as well as a plethora of animal life.
      "A house made of cheese is not my idea of paradise," said Monica.
      We can't create a paradise for all people on this planet.
      The station is a paradise for pickpockets.
      The birds-of-paradise are members of the family Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. The majority of species are found in New Guinea and its satellites, with a few in the Maluku Islands and eastern Australia.
      We are all living in a fool's paradise (be happy because you do not know or will not accept how bad a situation really is) over our pensions.
      n[C] a flat thin piece of sth attached at only one side ¶ the movement of sth such as wing in the air ¶ a situation in which people feel very excited or worried about sth
      v[IT] move up and down or from side to side, or make sth do this ¶ behave in an excited or anxious way
      How to sew a flap for a pocket?
      Stitch across the top of the flap to secure it in place.
      A pet door or pet flap (also referred to in more specific terms, such as cat flap, cat door, dog door, or doggie door) is a small portal in a wall, window or human door to allow pets to enter and exit a house (or other structure) on their own without needing a person to open the door.
      He lifted the flap of his tent and stepped out.
      I slid my thumb under the flap of the envelope.
      The inner lining of the foreskin (the flap of skin removed during circumcision) has many of the cells that HIV likes to infect.
      It was the flap of the butterfly wings at the exact right place at the exact right time that eventually led to Hurricane Max.
      Monica's in a flap over the wedding plans.
      I've never seen him in a flap; he's always so calm.
      Flaps are devices used to improve the lift characteristics of a wing and are mounted on the trailing edges of the wings.
      Flaps lower the stall speed and increase the drag.
      A butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon might have minimal effect on Western production systems, but a 60-second earthquake in Taiwan some years ago almost destroyed the US economy.
      Flags flapped in the breeze above our tents.
      As the clumsy ship rolled and lurched on the heaving sea, her idle sails flapped against her masts with a regularly recurring noise.
      Calm down, there's no need to flap.
      n[CU] a seat used on a horse, bike etc ¶ a piece of meat from the back of an animal
      v[T] put a ~ on a horse
      The saddle is a supportive structure for a rider or other load, fastened to an animal's back by a girth.
      The most common type is the equestrian saddle designed for a horse, but specialized saddles have been created for camels and other creatures.
      A bicycle saddle, often called a seat, is one of three contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the pedals and the handlebars.
      A bicycle saddle is commonly attached to the seatpost and the height of the saddle can usually be adjusted by the seatpost telescoping in and out of the seat tube.
      A motorcycle saddle is a term for a motorcycle seat in some parts of the world.
      For mains we serve slow-roasted saddle of lamb with oven-roasted shallots.
      Sheldon always has to be in the saddle, controlling everything.
      Rachel was in the stable, saddling up her pony.
      Monica's been saddled with throwing the whole party.
      n[C] the sudden start of war, disease, violence etc
      He's right here in New York filming "Outbreak II - The Virus Takes Manhattan."
      It's hard to imagine an outbreak of smallpox today.
      An outbreak of cholera in Latin America killed hundreds of people, and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
      According to the CDC, lower immunization rates have been blamed as a factor in U.S. outbreaks of whooping cough and measles in recent years.
      "This is the thing from the pizza box that keeps the lid from touching the cheese." "Is that what that's for? In India, the lid just touches the cheese. Of course we also have rampant poverty and periodic outbreaks of cholera, so a little cardboard in our cheese is no biggie."
      n[U] undesired thing or recyclable waste
      v[T] get rid of ~
      In finance, a high-yield bond (non-investment-grade bond, speculative-grade bond, or junk bond) is a bond that is rated below investment grade. These bonds have a higher risk of default or other adverse credit events, but typically pay higher yields than better quality bonds in order to make them attractive to investors.
      Junk food is a derisive slang term for food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories.
      Advertising mail, also known as direct mail (by its senders), junk mail (by its recipients), or admail, is the delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail.
      "Junk" is a slang term for penis and testicles.
      "Junk in the trunk" is a slang term for a woman with overly-large buttocks.
      A junk is an ancient Chinese sailing vessel/ship design still in use today.
      So because research has not produced instant results, it is to be junked?
      n[UC] things that you do to enjoy yourself, or such an activity
      Window shopping is her main recreation.
      My favorite recreation is cycling.
      I play badminton for recreation only.
      If you can't afford it, join a YMCA or recreation center.
      Later, we visited Malta, a recreation area for families.
      A recreation ground is a type of park.
      v[IT] combine or make things combine ¶ fade or change gradually
      The plan calls for the parent company to merge with Dynegy Holdings.
      You have N companies and want to merge them into one big company. How many different ways are there to do it?
      This refers to "layers" merged together in Photoshop so that different areas of each photo are used to create one photo.
      The hills merged into the dark sky behind them.
      Chameleons can change their color to merge with the surroundings.
      If you merge into the background, you behave quietly when you are with a group of people so that they do not notice you.
      v[T] invent a way of doing sth
      Some economists have devised a moderately useful but not flawless metric.
      Gottfried von Liebnitz, in 1674, devised a method whereby a machine could be made that would mechanically do multiplication and division.
      Unless other fully effective means are devised to inform accused persons of their right of silence and to assure a continuous opportunity to exercise it, the following measures are required.
      They devised a creative plan.
      It's a questionnaire I devised. I'm having some difficulty bonding with a colleague at work, so I'm doing a little research to better understand why my current friends like me.
      You'll have to devise a scenario that plausibly explains my absence, keeping in mind, that the key to a good lie, lies in the details.
      adj very great/obvious
      The leader of the unit spoke with a pronounced English accent.
      My Chinese has a rather pronounced Beijing accent.
      Sir Limps-A-Lot (Chandler Bing) walked with a pronounced limp.
      Denial is related to repression, a similar defense mechanism, but denial is more pronounced or intense.
      A person or place that is renowned for something, usually something good, is well known because of it.
      n[pl] a small cube which has between one and six spots on its sides
      v[T] cut food into small square pieces
      Dice (singular die or dice) are small throwable objects with multiple resting positions, used for generating random numbers.
      Craps is a dice game in which the players make wagers on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice.
      The markings on Chinese dominoes evolved from the markings on dice.
      Phoebe picked up the dice and started to rub the dice all over herself. "Just getting ready to roll the dice," she said.
      "You're scratching. Give me the dice," said Ryan.
      Monica rolled the dice, but one bounced out of the table.
      When your friend throws 2 or even 3 sixes in a row, you are unlikely to infer that the dice are loaded (biased) or that he or she is cheating.
      If the dice are loaded against someone, they are not likely to succeed.
      Everybody knows the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed; everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good guys lost.
      "Shall we change the plan?" "No dice (no way)."
      What do you make of the morons who dice with death (risk one's life) as they walk on the road not caring that there is a constant stream of vehicles flowing in both directions inches from them?
      "I'm dicing, I'm dicing, I don't hear anything," said Monica.
      v[T] represent ¶ include
      It's not every day you're lucky enough to sign a player who embodies everything you want your franchise to be.
      He embodies qualities that are truly admirable - besides possessing much intellectual knowledge, he also full of gentleness, wit, patience, tact and generosity.
      In pre-colonial India, power was not embodied in the concept of a state, whether republican or absolutist.
      Its essence is embodied in Wheeler's famous words: "matter tells spacetime how to curve, and curved spacetime tells matter how to move."
      Sheldon thought Lalita is the living embodiment of the beautiful Princess Panchali.
      v[T] order sb to come to a place, e.g. a court of law ¶ convene ¶ call for or try to obtain sth
      Dr. Green summoned the waiter for the bill.
      The shaman summoned the girl to his tent.
      If the analysis of the sample shows the person is at or over the limit, he or she can either be arrested or summoned to appear in court at a later date.
      He summoned (convened) a convention.
      If you summon (up) the courage or strength to do something, you make a great effort to be brave or strong, so that you will be able to do it.
      Ross took a deep breath, summoned up his courage, and told Rachel "I slept with the Xerox girl."
      Those who summoned the courage to defy her did not live long.
      If something summons up a memory or thought, it causes it to come to your mind.
      "The smell summoned up memories of that beach trip," thought Monica.
      "The smell summons up memories of my childhood," said Anton Ego, the restaurant critic.
      n[CU] a spoken description of an event ¶ an article or book which explains or discusses sth
      In sports broadcasting, a sports commentator (also known as sports announcer, sportscaster, or play-by-play announcer) gives a running commentary of a game or event in real time, usually during a live broadcast.
      The first sports commentary in the US was broadcast in April 1921 by Florent Gibson covering the fight between Johnny Ray and Johnny Dundee at the Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh.
      We'll be bringing you full commentary on the fight between Johnny and Johnny.
      Their cultural and political commentary has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune.
      He suggests that not every movie has to have an angle, an interesting commentary (explanation or illustration) on the nature of documentary film-making.
      If X is a sad/appalling/interesting etc commentary on B, X shows how sad/appalling/interesting B really is.
      The fact that blacks show zero percent for Romney is a terribly sad commentary on American society.
      n[CU] sth that you give sb to end an argument or a disagreement ¶ a right or an advantage, franchise ¶ reduction
      Israel is more likely to make concessions in a peace negotiation led by the United States than on its own, and American peace negotiators need to find ways to facilitate Israeli flexibility.
      This is a substantial concession on part of the Administration.
      Joey's only concession to the formality of the occasion was to wear underwear.
      It has granted 30 mining concessions since it came to power last year, which should add up to about 300 million euros in initial investments.
      Public services such as water supply may be operated as a concession.
      The following food concession trailer is currently listed as available, offered by the owners, who have supplied the listed information and who retain possession of the trailer.
      The US and the UK have tax concessions for housing.
      Anyone 60 or older is considered "elderly," and can receive the following benefits: free lunch and rice, travel concessions, free cataract surgery, and support from NGOs.
      v[I] try very hard
      n[CU] effor, earnest attempt
      "We endeavor to protect your personal information," said a NSA official.
      Ross always endeavour to please Rachel.
      We would like to ask you to assist us in our endeavor to study physical fields in the interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
      Space Shuttle Endeavour is one of the retired orbiters of the Space Shuttle program of NASA.
      The United States Congress authorized the construction of Endeavour in 1987 to replace Challenger.
      NASA chose to build Endeavour from spares rather than refitting Enterprise or accepting a Rockwell International proposal to build two shuttles for the price of one of the original shuttles, on cost grounds.
      v[T] beat eggs etc, whip
      n[C] a kitchen utensil that you use to ~
      In a large bowl, whisk flour, cinnamon, and ground ginger until well mixed.
      Crack two dozen eggs into a pitcher, whisk them, add salt and pepper, and then pour a reasonable amount into the skillet when you're ready.
      If you whisk someone or something somewhere, you take them quickly away from a place.
      Around 20 members of Syria's Air Force Intelligence arrived at his house in the Damascus suburb of Daraya and whisked him away.
      Most whisks consist of a long, narrow handle with a series of wire loops joined at the end.
      Whisks are commonly used to whip egg whites into a firm foam, or to whip cream into whipped cream.
      The whiskers of an animal such as a cat or a mouse are the long stiff hairs that grow near its mouth.
      n[C] a field where wild grass grow
      "This is the one of you father in a meadow," said Phoebe's grandmother.
      The cow in the meadow goes moo.
      The last time Bambi went to a meadow, his mother was shot by a hunter.
      He was playing Frisbee and he left his backpack in the middle of the meadow.
      A lawn is an area of land planted with grasses.
      Grasslands are areas where the vegetation is dominated by grasses.
      A prairie is a type of temperate grassland.
      v[T] bring into mind ¶ produce, cause
      The shooting evoked memories of the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, also a Denver suburb and 17 miles from Aurora, where two students opened fire and killed 12 students and a teacher.
      Kate's appearance at the mosque evoked memories of Princess Diana, who displayed similar cultural sensitivity on royal visits to mosques in Egypt and Pakistan.
      I have to tell her my whole story, trying to evoke sympathy from her.
      Naomi Halperin, photo editor knew that it would evoke a response from the readers.
      Excessive use of hyperbole tends to evoke doubt, not agreement.
      Compare evoke, invoke, provoke, and revoke.
      v[T] persuade/influence sb to do sth ¶ cause
      More than 4,000 teachers were induced to take early retirement.
      Nothing would induce me to vote for him again.
      No human induced global warming during this time yet it produced a rainfall and massive flood in 1893 far greater than the recent flood levels during the 20th Century including 2011, even allowing for dam mitigation.
      Cigarettes reduce breast milk production and may induce vomiting, restlessness, increases in heart rate, and diarrhea within the newborn.
      The drug can also induce rapid and intense emotional swings.
      If someone induces labor or birth, they make a woman give birth to her baby by using drugs or other means.
      The doctor gave Rachel and Ross some ideas on how to induce labor.